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DineAmic Rewards FAQs

How do I become a DineAmic Rewards member?

Becoming a DineAmic Rewards member is easy! Simply visit any of our restaurant locations and a member of our service team will be happy to assist in activating and providing you wilth your rewards card. However, in order to take full advantage of DineAmic Rewards and earn points to redeem towards future visits, online registration of your card is required after activation. You can do this by visiting and clicking “Register Card” found in the navigation bar. 

Does it cost anything to become a member? 

Yes, but no. Intrigued? 

When signing up for DineAmic Rewards, we will charge you a one-time enrollment fee of $10 upon activating your card. At the same time, that card will be loaded with $10 in DineAmic Rewards that can be used at any time subject to the Terms & Conditions (hyperlink to Terms & Conditions) of the DineAmic Rewards Program.  

BONUS PERK ALERT – upon registering your card online, you will receive an additional $10 in your rewards bank! So ultimately, you spend $10, you get $20. Who wouldn’t want to partake in this?! 

What are DineAmic Rewards and how do the tiers it work?

Every time you visit one of our restaurants, the dollars spent are tracked and converted into points so you can be rewarded! The more you spend, the more rewards you will earn throughout a calendar year as you get bumped up into different Reward Status Tiers outlined below. 

DineAmic Rewards -- When you spend $200 (equivalent to 200 points) you automatically receive $10 (5% rewards) in DineAmic Rewards Dollars which can be redeemed at any time subject to the Terms & Conditions (hyperlink to Terms & Conditions) of the DineAmic Rewards Program.   You must notify our service team if you would like to apply your rewards during your visit. 

DineAmic Preferred -- Once you spend $2,500 or accumulate 2,500 points, you will begin to earn higher rewards: for every $200 spent, you will receive $20 (10% rewards) in DineAmic Rewards Dollars which can be redeemed at any time subject to the Terms & Conditions (hyperlink to Terms & Conditions) of the DineAmic Rewards Program.  

DineAmic Platinum -- Once you spend $10,000 or accumulate 10,000 points, you will start earning even higher rewards! For every $200 spent, you will receive $25 (12.5% rewards) in DineAmic Rewards Dollars which can be redeemed at any time subject to the Terms & Conditions (hyperlink to Terms & Conditions) of the DineAmic Rewards Program.  

Who can join DineAmic Rewards program?
DineAmic Rewards is a program for individual customers only, 18 years of age or older. Points may not be credited to business entities. Employees of DineAmic Group restaurants are not eligible for membership.

Do I have to register my card?
Yes, if you want to earn rewards! Registration is required to:

  • Redeem your hard earned DineAmic Reward dollars
  • Locate your card via phone number for easy account access if you forget your card or simply don’t want to carry another card in your wallet
  • Track your account activity online, such as your visit/transaction history and your DineAmic Reward accrual & redemption status
  • Assist us to transfer your rewards to a new card if your card is lost or stolen
  • Provides you immediate access to special insider perks, rewards, reservations & enhancements made to your reward membership

Where can I register my card?
Register your card at at the REGISTER CARD tab in the navigation bar. This will prompt you to enter the card number found on the back of your card and enter your personal information. 

BONUS PERK ALERT – entering your birthday automatically enrolls you for an added birthday bonus during your birthday month. Don’t miss this part! 

What is needed to register my card?
When you register your card, you will be asked to provide the card number from the back of the card, your name, address, phone number, email address and birthday. 

Is my information safe? What do you do with it?
Absolutely! We promise never to share, sell or provide any of your information. We use this information to send you information on special offers and promotions that we think will be of interest to you. We also use it to send updates on changes to the program and to keep you apprised of your account activity. Your phone number is necessary to look up your account in case you leave your card at home. Please note that we will never share your information with a third party. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed HERE <insert hyperlink to PRIVACY>

Are there any restrictions when redeeming DineAmic Rewards?
DineAmic Rewards Dollars cannot be redeemed for cash, gift cards, carry out, delivery, catering, tax or gratuity. DineAmic Rewards Dollars cannot be used to pay for ticketed events and are not valid on specified dining days throughout the year, such as New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day.  Other exclusions may apply at each participating location. 

Do my DineAmic Rewards Dollars expire?
DineAmic Reward Dollars have a lifetime accrual and do not expire.  

Does my DineAmic Rewards Tier Status expire?
Your DineAmic Reward Tier Status will expire on every year on March 1. After March 1, all DineAmic Rewards membership tiers will reset and your reward point accrual rate will start over from your first dollar spent. 

What happens if I don’t have my DineAmic Rewards card when I visit?
Because you are smart and have registered your card online after activation, you can easily provide your server with your phone number registered and they will be able to look up your account for you and apply points for your visit. 

What if I forgot to use my DineAmic Rewards card during my visit?
Unfortunately, manual points are unable to be posted to your account after you have dined at one of our restaurants. DineAmic Rewards cards or card information must be presented during your visit.  

What happens if I lose my card or it’s been stolen?
If you have lost your card you can receive a replacement during your next visit to any DineAmic Group restaurant. However, you will need your old account information such as the card number or your phone number associated with your account to transfer existing rewards & point balances to a new card.  It is important to note that you can only replace a lost card with that has been registered.

How many DineAmic Dollars may I redeem at once?
A maximum of $500 in DineAmic Reward Dollars may be used in any 24-hour period amongst all DineAmic Group restaurant locations. This can either be redeemed towards one visit or multiple visits throughout a 24-hour period. 

May I earn DineAmic Rewards Points on Private Dining?
DineAmic Reward points can be accrued on private dining events up to $5,000 at any DineAmic Group location.  Reward Card information must be presented at the time of contracting an event and may not be applied after an event has taken place. 

May I redeem DineAmic Dollars towards Private Dining? 
While the maximum amount of dollars you can redeem in any given day is $500, we are unable to accept DineAmic Rewards as partial or full payment towards any private dining and pre-contracted function.